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$25K Smart Starts Contest Winner Completes Classroom Transformation

ShopWithScrip and The Home Depot® get handy to give Liberty School a new life skills room for children with disabilities.

Chloe Wasserburger
By Chloe Wasserburger
on 6/7/19 12:26 PM

Junk Food and Fundraising

All fundraisers aren’t created equally. When it comes to food fundraisers, some tend to tip the nutritional scale way out of...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 10/19/17

Student-Led Fundraisers for the Fall

We get it. Parents don’t like fundraising, and one of the biggest reasons why they detest it is because they are the ones...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 09/14/17

Why Public Schools Need a Better Fundraising Solution

As back-to-school season ramps up, there have been a number of stories circulating on social media about public school...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 08/04/17

5 Tricks to Recruiting Volunteers

Do you struggle finding volunteers for your organization? Parents who are asked to volunteer feel that it’s a time...

Emily Anderson
By Emily Anderson on 07/20/17

5 Steps to Successful School Fundraising: Prepping for next school year this summer

As the school year winds down, you might be looking forward to a well-deserved break from some PTO responsibilities in the...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 05/31/17

Raising Money with Gift Cards: The best complementary school fundraiser

How many times have you fallen victim to the phrase, “Cannot be combined with other offers”? Honestly, it can be a little...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 04/05/17

We’re So Done with Traditional Fundraising

Over the weekend, Scary Mommy published a post titled I’m So Done With Fundraising. Obviously, this piqued our interest....

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 10/03/16

Closing the Door on Door-to-Door Fundraising

Fundraising always used to mean going door-to-door selling products like candy bars, magazines, and wrapping paper. Back in...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 09/15/16

Back-to-School Open House Ideas for PTO

Although it feels like the summer just began, the start of school is in sight. Between the back-to-school shopping and the...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 08/02/16

4 Tips for Effective PTO Summer Communication

Have you been enjoying the first few weeks of summer? Maybe you've taken a break from PTO planning to pick up on planning...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 06/02/16

Make Your PTO Fundraiser Stand Out

Many schools have a tried-and-true approach to fundraising. They run the same programs every year and ask parents to follow...

By ShopWithScrip on 10/22/15

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