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7 Tips for Stress-free Spring Break Travel

It’s about time to start thinking about your spring break travel plans! Most of us love vacations, but preparing for a trip and actually traveling can often be a little stressful, especially if you’re flying. There’s the packing, the airport lines, the threat of delayed flights...a lot can go wrong! These suggestions will help ease your mind and save you money, time, and possibly your sanity.

Cara Murphy
By Cara Murphy
on 2/16/17 4:00 PM

Pizza Fundraising: The deliciously good fundraising idea

Ask your kid right now what their favorite food is and chances are they might say pizza. The bready, cheesy, hand-held...

Louise Fletke
By Louise Fletke
on 2/9/17 12:15 PM

5 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is quickly approaching, and while that means a more relaxed schedule, it shouldn’t necessarily mean the end of your...

on 5/13/16 2:00 PM

Eat Out and Earn with Restaurant Fundraising

Fundraising fatigue has become a growing concern for more and more nonprofit organizations. Parents are burning out from how...

on 3/10/16 3:30 PM

7 Questions to Answer Before Running a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Some of the most popular fundraisers revolve around delicious food. The Girl Scouts of America are the most famous, selling...

on 3/3/16 1:00 PM

5 Expert Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits

With social media, your nonprofit can open up new lines of communication to connect with members, increase exposure for your...

on 2/18/16 1:00 PM

Which One-time Fundraiser is Right For You? [Free Download]

When your organization only runs one or two big fundraising events a year, in addition to year-round fundraising efforts,...

on 1/19/16 1:00 PM

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