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8 Tips for Bringing in More Earnings All Holiday Season

The holidays are the best time to shop with gift cards, even if you don’t participate all year long. It feels good to raise money for your organization during the season of giving—and it doesn’t require you to spend money on things you don’t want, or give money out of your own pocket. From garland to gifts that give back and everything in between, use gift cards for all your holiday essentials.

Chloe Wasserburger
By Chloe Wasserburger
on 11/27/19 5:07 PM

5 Ways to Vacation on a Budget

The kids' beloved multi-month break from school is rapidly passing by, and you might be feeling the crunch to enjoy summer...

Louise Sanderson
By Louise Sanderson on 07/07/16

5 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is quickly approaching, and while that means a more relaxed schedule, it shouldn’t necessarily mean the end of your...

By ShopWithScrip on 05/13/16

Learn About Scrip in Our New Video

Are you looking for different ways to raise money for your nonprofit organization? We know it can be overwhelming to learn...

By ShopWithScrip on 04/13/16

Eat Out and Earn with Restaurant Fundraising

Fundraising fatigue has become a growing concern for more and more nonprofit organizations. Parents are burning out from how...

By ShopWithScrip on 03/10/16

7 Questions to Answer Before Running a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Some of the most popular fundraisers revolve around delicious food. The Girl Scouts of America are the most famous, selling...

By ShopWithScrip on 03/03/16

Plan Your First 2016 Fundraisers Around New Year’s Resolutions


The start of the new year presents an opportunity to make a change in your life, whether it’s exercising more, saving...

By ShopWithScrip on 01/14/16

11 Relatable Fundraising Vines

So you ran a fundraiser. Good for you! We know just how much work you put into it for it to be a success. Now you deserve a...

By ShopWithScrip on 12/01/15

4 Tips for Running a Successful One-Off Fundraiser in 30 Days

This time of year, it sometimes feels like you look at the calendar and a whole week slipped by right under your nose. The...

By ShopWithScrip on 11/20/15

How to Make the Most of Fundraising This Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time for friends, family, eating good food, and fundraising. Think about it: it’s a time of year...

By ShopWithScrip on 11/13/15

Choosing a One-Off Fundraiser

In addition to year-round fundraisers like Box Tops for Education or donation drives, one-off fundraisers are a great way to...

By ShopWithScrip on 11/05/15

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