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8 Tips for Bringing in More Earnings All Holiday Season

The holidays are the best time to shop with gift cards, even if you don’t participate all year long. It feels good to raise money for your organization during the season of giving—and it doesn’t require you to spend money on things you don’t want, or give money out of your own pocket. From garland to gifts that give back and everything in between, use gift cards for all your holiday essentials.

Chloe Wasserburger
By Chloe Wasserburger
on 11/27/19 5:07 PM

GLSC Update: We're on Pinterest!

Louise Sanderson
by Louise Sanderson on 7/21/16 4:00 PM

ShopWithScrip Pinterest Homepage

Are you on Pinterest? If you're not, you might want to give it a try. "The world's catalog of ideas" launched in 2010 and currently houses 100 million users. With over 50 billion pins, Pinterest is the place to go to find DIY projects, life hacks, recipes, or really anything you could ever need!

We've been on Pinterest for a couple of months, and we're loving it! It's incredible to see all of the ideas being shared and to be a part of this creative community. Even a good deal of our retail partners are on Pinterest!

For a beginner, Pinterest can be a little overwhelming. That's why we tailor our boards and pin only what you'll find useful. For example, if you are a PTO Volunteer, you can follow only our PTO Ideas board. That way, you'll see the pins from that board, but nothing else, keeping your feed more manageable. Pinterest is very customizable, so make the social network fit for you!

Although it seems strange to say it- and we're clinging to summer like everyone else -we're starting to think about back-to-school time. So check out our Everything Back-to-School board, which we'll keep full of tips for starting the year right, kid's school fashion, and sales. We also have boards for lunch box ideas and snack-etizers. Take a look at those to get ideas to keep your kids fueled and focused come fall!

Next Steps:

  • Did we convince you to get on Pinterest? Follow us!
  • If Facebook is more your speed, we understand. Like our page to stay up to date!

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Louise Sanderson
Written by Louise Sanderson
Attending public schools all her life and being a three-sport athlete, Louise is no novice to fundraising. When she's not writing copy for Great Lakes Scrip Center, Louise can be found playing recreational sports too competitively, or spending quality time with her dog.

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