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Which One-time Fundraiser is Right For You? [Free Download]

Which one-time fundraiser is right for you?

When your organization only runs one or two big fundraising events a year, in addition to year-round fundraising efforts, it’s important to choose the most effective options. Whether you’re considering a bake sale, an auction, a scrip program, or something else, one-time fundraising events each have their own pros and cons.

Choosing the Right One-Time Fundraiser

To help you find the best fundraising option for your organization, we created a handy packet that breaks down the different types of one-time fundraisers. You'll discover:

  • How much return to expect from different fundraisers
  • How much effort and volunteer time will be required
  • The key factors for fundraising success

Ready to discover the one-time fundraiser that best fits your organization? Download our detailed breakdown today.

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