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6 Tips to Survive the End of the School Year

Kids happily leaving school

The birds are chirping, the skies are blue, and your kids are still in school for a few more weeks. Once they catch spring fever it can be incredibly hard for kids to keep their focus, and let’s face it, it might be a little taxing on you as well! Here are tried and true ways to break the fever and make it through the final push.

1. Keep on Your Schedule

It might seem easy to relax and let things slide during the last few weeks. But don’t! Sticking with your schedule will actually make the time pass more quickly until the final day of school. Not only will a schedule keep your family focused, it will also help when the time comes to juggle the final sporting events, field trips, recitals, concerts, and banquets waiting on the horizon.

2. Hang up a Countdown Calendar

You might already have a calendar hanging in your house with everyone’s activities. Keep that one for you, but it would also be a great motivator to have a countdown calendar that your kids can cross off until school’s done. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, and there’s no age limit. No matter how old your kids are, the relief of crossing off a day is enough to keep them going until the end!

Boy going over his calendar

A countdown calendar is also a great way to remind your bigger kids how much (or how little) time they have before their big project is due, that final paper needs be turned in, or when their exam is. So keep them on task as the clock winds down with a countdown calendar.

3. Look Forward to Field Day

Not every parent has this exciting opportunity to look forward to, but if you have grade school kids, set your eyes on an incredibly fun day. You’ll have time to plan some activities and get geared up to volunteer at your kid’s school.  

If your kids are older, you can still have some fun at the end of the school year. Make some treats for your kids’ teachers and classmates and they’ll have their own classroom celebration.

4. Log Some Research Hours

These last few weeks that the kids are still in school is the perfect time for you to look into different summer opportunities for them. Whether your child is a gifted musician, a talented athlete, or a social butterfly, there are camps for everything to keep your kids occupied over summer vacation.

Woman planning a trip

This is also an ideal time for you to iron out your summer plans a little more. Traveling for vacation? Get everything mapped out, book your hotels, and research activities. Plan now so your trips will be 100% fun.

5. Pack a Surprising Lunch

By the end of the school year, a packed lunch looks anything but appetizing. Sure, it would be easy to just slop together another pb&j, but break up the sandwich monotony and surprise them with leftovers, one of their favorite meals, or something totally out of the box! If they pack their own lunch, slip in something extra before they leave, like a homemade cookie or a small note. The small surprise will brighten up their afternoon.

6. Enjoy the Sunshine

The end of school can be a busy time. Let your kids relax and rejuvenate every day by enjoying the warm spring sun. Get out and get active with them after school by going on a walk or a bike ride. They’ll get fresh air and exercise and step away from their books for a well-deserved break.

You and your kids are almost there. Follow a couple of these tips, or all of them, to propel you toward the finish line!

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