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8 Tips for Bringing in More Earnings All Holiday Season

The holidays are the best time to shop with gift cards, even if you don’t participate all year long. It feels good to raise money for your organization during the season of giving—and it doesn’t require you to spend money on things you don’t want, or give money out of your own pocket. From garland to gifts that give back and everything in between, use gift cards for all your holiday essentials.

Chloe Wasserburger
By Chloe Wasserburger
on 11/27/19 5:07 PM

6 April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids

Louise Sanderson
by Louise Sanderson on 3/29/18 11:45 AM

April Fools' Day

Don’t let youngsters have all the fun on the most mischievous day of the year! April Fools’ Day is your chance to show your kids how much you appreciate the gray hairs, messy rooms, and 2 a.m. wake-up calls. And this year, it gets even more interesting seeing as Easter falls on April Fools’ Day.

Put on your trickster thinking cap, and take a look at these 6 April Fools’ Day pranks that will not disappoint. Plus, they won’t take up all of your time.

1. Easter Candy Dupes

Whether your kids go on an Easter egg hunt or you plop a few in their baskets, we highly recommend pulling off this prank. Fill the plastic Easter eggs with what appears to be Easter candy.  Your kids will unwrap the delicious little chocolate eggs only to reveal that they are grapes! While you could use cherry tomatoes, grapes are a good option. They’re no chocolate, but there’s a better chance your kids will eat them compared to any vegetables you could wrap up.

If you traditionally put money in the Easter eggs, consider swapping it with Monopoly money or fake coins.

chocolate_egg_grapesImage Source

2. Pick Up a Not-so Sweet Treat

Surprise your kids with a "treat" when they wake up Sunday morning. Head to the grocery store on Saturday and pick up a box of donuts. When the kids are asleep, empty the donut box (and save them for later, obviously) and fill the donut box with an assortment of veggies. Put out the box of donuts in the morning and tell the kids to grab as many as they want! While this April Fools’ Day prank might leave their heart broken and their stomachs growling, you’ll save the day by presenting them with the delicious donuts.

donut_prankImage Source

3. Serve a Tricky Snack

Whether you have an Easter meal or not, you know at some point in the day you’ll hear your children exclaim, “I’m starving!” Instead of shrugging off their cries, offer to make them a grilled cheese sandwich. Now, it’s very important that they aren’t in the kitchen while you prepare this prank which consists of making what looks like a grilled cheese out of pound cake and orange colored frosting. Grill it just like you normally would and serve it up to your kids. They might be thrown off, but they definitely won’t be disappointed.

Grilled cheese poundcake prankImage Source

4. All Eyes on Them

If making them a “grilled cheese” is a little much, consider pulling this prank instead. Again, when the kids are asleep, affix googly eyes to everything in your refrigerator. Then when they say “I’m starving” on April Fools’ Day, you can tell them to rifle through the fridge only to find tons of food friends staring back at them. If you wanted, you could go beyond the refrigerator and put googly eyes wherever they’d be a fun surprise for your kids.

googly-eye_fridgeImage Source

5. Sneakily Sew Their Socks

Want to throw your kids off in the morning? Sew a pair of their socks closed. This prank is great if your kids lay out their outfits before bed. You can grab the pair they’ve pulled out, sew them shut, and put them back where they were. Come morning, they might freak out that their socks don’t fit, which is when you reveal your prank. Be sure to have another pair of good socks ready so they won't be scrambling if you’ve got someplace to be!

Sewing their socksImage Source 

6. Put a "For Sale" Sign in the Front Yard

This prank takes the cake in giving your kids a big scare. And it’s super simple! Buy a “For Sale” sign at the store and stake it in your yard when the kids aren’t paying attention. It’d be shocking if they didn’t notice the sign right away, but if they don’t, attach a “SOLD” sign to it too.

For sale signImage Source

We hope your April Fools' Day pranks keep your kids on their toes. Just be warned: you're planning pranks on them, so you can be sure they're probably doing the same to you!

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published on March 25, 2016, and was updated on March 29, 2018.

Next Steps:

  • For more April Fools’ Day pranks or Easter ideas, check out our Pinterest board.
  • What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on your kids? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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Louise Sanderson
Written by Louise Sanderson
Attending public schools all her life and being a three-sport athlete, Louise is no novice to fundraising. When she's not writing copy for Great Lakes Scrip Center, Louise can be found playing recreational sports too competitively, or spending quality time with her dog.

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